Tilapia Feed Ingredients

Introduction Of Tilapia Fish

Tilapia is a tropical fish, belonging to the order Perciformes, family Lippiaceae, with rapid development, mixed food, few illness, strong adaptability and other qualities. Tilapia is an important agricultural tank farming job, and also it has high farming worth and also relevance.

Tilapia has a variety of eating practices. High-quality tilapia feed ingredients have a solid temptation as well as nourishment to get to a balanced level and enhance the efficiency of feeds. Boost the quality of breeding water, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the water, as well as enhance tension resistance and immunity.

Add marine multivitamins in proper total up to supplement multivitamins, advertise development price, anti-stress, plus compound probiotics to properly enhance intestinal tract plants, enhance food digestion and also absorption price. Boost feed use and decrease breeding costs.

We ought to focus on the daily feeding in the society procedure to meet the basic nutritional needs of farmed tilapia, so as to successfully boost the utilization effectiveness of resources, as well as enhance the immunity of tilapia as well as lower the opportunity of morbidity. Reduce the expense of farming, after that, what tilapia feed ingredients are excellent to them? As a matter of fact, it is great to create tilapia fish feed active ingredient, so just how to prepare homemade tilapia feed?

Tilapia Fish Feed Components

Tilapia Feed Ingredients

Tilapia Feed Formulation I

The nutritional components of this tilapia feed formula are 25% -30% crude healthy protein, 3% -5% crude fat, 7% -9% ash, 40% -55% carbohydrate, 9% -11% dampness. This tilapia fish feed formula increases the content of carbohydrates and also lowers the protein content, which has the result of conserving healthy protein raw materials, reducing feed expenses and also lowering air pollution.

After lasting feeding speculative outcomes reveal that the feed created by using this formula has excellent palatability, feeding tilapia to attain better development results.

The low-protein, high-carbohydrate tilapia feed of today creation attains equivalent growth as well as far better feed effectiveness compared to feeds with high protein material. The tilapia feed of today innovation accomplishes far better development, higher healthy protein conversion efficiency and also reduced ammonia nitrogen discharges than feeds with the exact same protein-fat degree.

Tilapia Feed Formulation II

Tilapia fish feed ingredients which appropriates for salt water or internet container culture of tilapia: bran 30%, soybean cake 35%, fish dish 15%, corn meal 5%, acacia leaf meal 5%, barley dish 8.5%, development aspect 1%, salt 0.5%.

Tilapia feed active ingredients which is suitable for tilapia farming in moving water or web containers: lawn dish 20%, fish meal 3%, soybean cake 20%, corn protein dish 20%, rice bran 20%, bran 10%, corn flour 5.5%, bone dish 1%, salt 0.5%.

Tilapia fish feed formulation which appropriates for pond raising tilapia: 50% completely dry pig manure or cow manure, 37% bran, 10% sesame seed deposit, 2% fish dish, 1% bone dish.

Tilapia Feed Formulation III

Soybean cake 50%, fish dish 10.7%, bran 38%, bone dish 1%, Vino Aquatic Multivitamin 0.1%, Vino Mycobacterium Multi Mineral 0.1%, Vino Substance Probiotic 0.1%.

Tilapia Feed Formulation IV

Soybean cake 35%, bran 29.7%, fish flour 15%, barley flour 8.50%, corn flour 5%, acacia fallen leave powder 5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.50%, Vino water multivitamin 0.1%, Vino mold and mildew clear multi-mineral 0.1%, Vino compound probiotic 0.1%.

Tilapia Feed Formulation VI

Rice bran 44.7%, soybean cake 35%, silkworm pupa powder 10%, secondary powder 8%, bone powder 1.50%, salt 0.50%, Vino marine multi-dimensional 0.1%, Vino mold clear multi-mineral 0.1%, Vino substance probiotic 0.1%.

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