Sweden biomass pellet fuel sector analysis

Sweden is among the world’s biggest wood pellet fuel manufacturer and customer. It’s wood pellet manufacturing innovation, sector plan, as well as market version project. In this flow, I will certainly do extensive evaluation on Sweden biomass pellet fuel industry, as well as exercise some valuable experiences.


In the 1970s, several nations have actually made policies to advertise biomass power as a way to deal with power dilemma and also setting pollution. Ever since, biomass power market has actually created quickly, and also the modern technology maintain enhancing.

Due to the absence of mineral resources, Sweden’s economic climate endured wonderful loss in last century. To make sure national power safety and security, Sweden government aim to establish renewable resource.

Biomass pellet fuel has the features of high burning performance, low ash content, absolutely no carbon discharge, very easy transport, which has actually been preferred in Europe and North America. With abundant forestry resources, Sweden pay much attention to the growth of biomass pellet fuel. Sweden occupies 20% of the globe’s biomass fuel usage, which grows up at the speed of 8-10%.

Sweden forestry resources as well as biomass materials

Sweden biomass pellet fuel

Sweden has bountiful forestry sources. The forest covers 64% of the acreage, with 51% possessed by individuals, 24% by big wood firms, and also 25% by nations and also other public organizations. Besides, the forestry grows by 100 million lots each year, as well as the logging amount is 92.4 million lots. The major forestry sectors are wood handling, paper handling, and energy wood. The wood products for making biomass energy mostly originated from the 3 sectors above, about 23.48 m3.

Raw materials of wood pellets

Of the raw products for making wood pellets, wood shavings use up 53%, sawdust 35%, and wood chips 5%, others (barks, farming residues, energy forestry) uses up 7%. Some tiny wood pellet manufacturing facility are constructed base upon chipboard, furniture and also sawdust mills.

With even more business engaging in biomass fuel production, the competitors on the raw products end up being a lot more fierce. As the plant straws in Sweden are in scattered circulation, they are hard to gather and also refine. So some manufacturers and institutes are establishing brand-new products like peat and also energy crops.

Wood pellet making modern technology and also equipment

The pellet molding innovation has actually grown in Sweden. Nowadays, it has actually attained commercial as well as market production. The manufacturing procedure features high automation, requiring less drivers. The picture listed below presented the wood pellet manufacturing process.

Drying: normally, the moisture web content of sawdust is around 50%. A drum clothes dryer can lower the wetness web content to 9-12% to make sure that it is received making pellets.
Crushing: the dimension of basic materials should be under 5mm. They need a hammer mill to lower the dimension.

Conditioning: add high-heat vapor to the raw materials as well as soften the cellulous in it. Over half of the pellet fuel producers have conditioning procedure in manufacturing.

Pellet molding: many wood pellet factories utilize vertical kind ring die pellet machine. The manufacturing capability of one equipment is 2-4ton/ h. The service life of ring die is 2000-3000h, while the roller can last 1000-1500h.

Air conditioning: the wood pellets extruded out from the pellet machine are at the temperature of 100 ℃. Pellets under this condition are simple to break as well as inconvenient for transportation. A counter-flow colder can cool the wood pellets in a modest method.

Packing: the cooled pellets require to be categorized and also packaged according to consumers’ demand. Small bags are 16kg, huge bags are 900kg. For large clients like nuclear power plant, the wood pellets are moved by trucks as well as ships wholesale.

Biomass pellets category as well as application

In 1999, Sweden government released the requirement of wood pellet fuel, in which they are classified right into 3 classes. The fabulous has excellent quality. They can be made use of in domestic tiny burners and stoves.The second as well as 3rd do not have top quality. They are utilized by large industrial clients.

Currently, 57% of the wood pellet fuels in Sweden can meet this criterion. Several of them can satisfy the EU criterion, others are not created according to this standard.

Wood pellet fuel can be applied in tiny boilers, medium-scale as well as large heating supply facility and power plant. Presently, Sweden has 60% of wood pellet fuel for small as well as medium heating central heating boilers as well as regional heating supply facility, and also 40% for big home heating supply center and also co-firing nuclear power plant.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, Sweden regional heating plant adopt coal to change oil. After the establish of CO2 discharge tax, these heating plant count on biomass fuel from coal. In the last years, the quantity of biomass fuel for home heating grows from 1.1 PJ to 57PJ. Currently, about 400 regional home heating plant has actually taken on wood pellet fuel.

Considering that the mid 1990s, domestic wood pellet market has made wonderful progress. In the last years, the use of domestic heating wood pellets proliferates. Presently, Sweden has 200,000 family members making use of wood pellet boilers, 40,000 family members utilizing wood pellet cooktops.

Sweden biomass energy advancement goal and plan

To promote the constant advancement of biomass energy, Sweden has actually made a series of legislations as well as plans. To guarantee the implement of these policies, the federal government likewise made several feasible guidance actions and compulsory sector standard.

Sweden not just meet the responsibility stipulated Kyoto Protocol that cut greenhouse emission by 8%, but likewise set its own advancement goal of biomass energy. In 2006, the Priest for lasting development division declared that Sweden will totally make use of biofuels as well as stop making use of oil, and also end up being the very first nation that totally depend on renewable energy.

By 2020, Sweden will enhance its proportion of renewable energy to 50%, the use proportion of renewable resource in transportation sector to 10%, power efficiency by 20%, and reduced the exhaust of greenhouse gas by 40%.

Wood pellet fuel incentive policy

Sweden has actually accomplished high rate acquisition, financial investment subsidies, tax decrease and also exemption, quota system as well as various other biomass power incentive plan.

Since 1975, Sweden invests 36 million Euro from federal government spending plan to sustain biomass technology advancement. From 1997 to 2002, the federal government gave 25% financial investment aid to biomass cogeneration jobs. From 2004-2006, the federal government gave 1350 Euros for locals who make use of biomass heating system.

Sweden normally lay high tax obligation on fuels, energies, CARBON DIOXIDE, SO2, and so on. To advertise the development of biomass energy, to spare all tax obligations on biomass tasks. In 1991, Sweden federal government begins to lay tax on CO2 exhaust, that makes the rate of oil as well as nonrenewable fuel source surge. Numerous warmth supply facility as well as power plants switches over from fossil fuel to biomass fuel.

To motivate the nuclear power plant to make use of biomass power, Sweden government introduced electrical power quota system. This plan requires the power suppliers to have specific part of electricity created by renewable resource. For every single 1MWh power, the government will provide tax obligation relief based on the biomass power quantity.

Sweden wood pellet fuel burning tool

Sweden wood pellet burning innovation remains in the leading placement. There have actually been over 20 pellet burner producers, over 50 kinds of wood pellet boilers, 120,000 collections of pellet central heating boilers, 20,000 sets of pellet ovens. As there are still many family members utilizing electrical home heating, the pellet central heating boilers have massive possibility.

Sweden pellet burning tools has central heating boiler as well as biomass range 2 types.

Central heating central heating boiler can be made use of in 1 or more families. The thermal transmit with water. The powers are 10-40kw, which can be readjusted by 30% -100% according to requirements. The central home heating central heating boilers additionally has 2 types. The combined boiler is linked by a pellet heater as well as a conventional boiler. The boiler can get in touch with different heaters. The integrated central heating boilers are generally imported from Austria as well as Germany, some created by domestic makers.

Biomass ovens or furnace

Biomass stoves additionally has 2 types. Independent pellet range and also Smokeshaft piece kind heating system. The former on is more popular. The independent pellet stove has a pellet stock container inside, which can hold wood pellets for 2-day usage.

Biomass pellet oven can realize automated dental filling and burning. Based upon various feeding approach, pellet stoves has leading feed, lower feed and also horizontal feed 3 kinds. Leading feed pellet cooktops are one of the most prominent. Owing to high convenience and sanitation, tiny pellet ranges offer well over the last few years.

Features of Sweden biomass fuel market

Sweden has abundant forestry sources and bountiful forestry waste, which end up being the primary basic materials for biomass pellets.

Sweden wood pellet sector has actually been completely advertised. The majority of producers are large and medium firms, with fully grown modern technology. Tiny wood pellet manufacturing facilities are mostly build on chipboard, furnishings and also saw mills.

The government has actually made thorough legislations as well as plans to drive the wood pellet manufacturing. This is why the wood pellet industry develops rapidly given that the 1990s.
Requirement for wood pellet fuel maintain improving. In the 1990s, Sweden published the requirement for wood pellets, and also gauged the method day of pellet fuel and burners.

Fully grown burning innovation and devices. In recent times, Sweden’s manufacturing of pellet central heating boiler and pellet heating ranges maintain enhancing.

Perfect quality control system. Sweden federal government specified that the wood pellet fuel and burning equipment must acquire third-party screening certifications prior to going into the market.


Sweden is a major wood pellet fuel producer as well as consumer on the planet. Biomass energy plays a vital function in its manufacturing and also lifestyle. Worldwide, biomass pellets are mosting likely to play a more vital function in heating supply, power generation, as well as commercial production.

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