TOP 10 best companies in the world in the Pellet Mill industry

ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel Technologies:

Products and Services: ANDRITZ offers a comprehensive range of equipment and services for the feed and biofuel industries. This includes pellet mills, extruders, mixers, conditioners, and various process automation solutions.

CPM (California Pellet Mill):

Products and Services: CPM is a global leader in providing pelleting and processing solutions for various industries. Their products include pellet mills, coolers, crumblers, and automation systems. They offer services such as engineering, maintenance, and training.

Bühler Group:

Products and Services: Bühler provides solutions for a wide range of industries, including food, feed, and materials. In the pellet mill industry, they offer pellet mills, extruders, conditioners, and control systems. Bühler also provides process engineering, training, and optimization services.

KAHL Group:

Products and Services: The KAHL Group specializes in machinery for pelleting, crushing, and conditioning. Their products include flat die pellet mills, pelletizing presses, and complete pelleting lines for various applications, including animal feed and biomass.

La Meccanica:

Products and Services: La Meccanica focuses on the design and production of machinery for the animal feed and biomass industries. Their product range includes pellet mills, coolers, conditioners, and complete pelletizing lines. They also offer engineering and consulting services.

10 best companies in the world in the Pellet Mill industry

Promill Stolz:

Products and Services: Promill Stolz offers a range of equipment for pelleting, grinding, and air-assisted transport. Their products include hammer mills, pellet mills, and ancillary equipment. The company provides solutions for various industries, including the feed and biomass sectors.

Vecoplan Midwest, LLC:

Products and Services: Vecoplan Midwest is part of the Vecoplan Group, specializing in size reduction equipment for wood and biomass processing. Their products include pellet mills, shredders, and grinding equipment. They offer complete systems for biomass pelleting.

Bliss Industries:

Products and Services: Bliss Industries manufactures a variety of processing equipment, including pellet mills, hammermills, and coolers. They provide solutions for industries such as agriculture, bioenergy, and food processing.

Buskirk Engineering:

Products and Services: Buskirk Engineering focuses on designing and manufacturing flat die pellet mills for applications like residential heating and animal feed. They offer a range of pellet mills and related equipment for small to medium-scale production.

Richi Machinery:

Products and Services: Richi Machinery provides comprehensive solutions for feed and biomass pelletization. Their products include pellet mills, hammer mills, mixers, and complete production lines. They also offer project planning, installation, and after-sales services.

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