How to choose fertilizer manufacturing machine?

1. How to choose fertilizer manufacturing machine?

How to choose the fertilizer manufacturing machine for the organic fertilizer production line? The organic fertilizer production line mainly includes organic fertilizer making machines such as mixers, organic fertilizer pellet making machine, etc.

  • First of all, customers should first look at the scale of fertilizer manufacturing machine and organic fertilizer production line manufacturers with the naked eye. Only a regular large company can make organic fertilizer equipment that satisfies customers. After all, the cost of making these equipment is relatively high.​​
  • Secondly, it depends on whether the fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturer has a professional design and production team and advanced production process. Only professional technicians can perfect the function of the product and keep the error control very low.

Then it is the production process of the fertilizer manufacturing machine you purchased in the future. If there is any problem, the professional after-sales team can also help you solve it as soon as possible. Richi Machinery has strong technical force and high-quality workforce, as well as CAD design research and development center, a complete after-sales service system.​​

  • Thirdly, fertilizer manufacturing machine price has always been a factor that customers care about. Many customers may choose some informal organic fertilizer production line manufacturers or small fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturers because the prices of organic fertilizer production lines of large manufacturers are too high, but the quality and after-sales of these small manufacturers are often the same, when the customer buys the product there will be one problem or another.

At present, Richi Machinery has successfully launched a 1-200,000-ton organic fertilizer production line and a complete set of fertilizer manufacturing machine for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, which can be adapted to various types of production.​​

  • Finally, the after-sales service of the organic fertilizer production line is a link that customers pay great attention to. Whether a fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturer can achieve real worry-free after-sales, customers will find out when purchasing products and on-site inspections of manufacturers.

After purchasing products from a high-quality fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturer, the after-sales service and technical team of the manufacturer will make a return visit for a fixed period of time, and then they will also analyze and deal with various problems encountered by customers in the fastest time, and seek the maximum satisfaction of customers to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturers.

fertilizer manufacturing machine

2. Common large fertilizer production line process

Common large-scale organic fertilizer production line processes include: pig manure organic fertilizer production line, chicken manure organic fertilizer production line and cow dung organic fertilizer production line, etc. Compared with small-scale fertilizer manufacturing machine production lines, large-scale ones must meet the characteristics of storage, transportation, and organic fertilizer preservation.

Therefore, the large-scale fertilizer manufacturing machine production line chooses the process of granular organic fertilizer production line to process pig manure, cow manure, and chicken manure into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, which is a good way to achieve more benefits for enterprises and form a good way of recycling and recycling resources for environmental protection and benign development!

For the process of large-scale organic fertilizer production line, in addition to meeting the small-scale composting process and crushing process. The following fertilizer manufacturing machine processes are also required:

  • Granulation process: The choice of granulation method is very important in the production of organic fertilizer. Production of various types and specifications of organic fertilizer pellet making machine, disc fertilizer pellet mill machine, organic fertilizer stirring teeth organic fertilizer pellet making machine, new-type stirring teeth turning organic fertilizer pellet making machines.

The advantage of the fertilizer pellet making machine is that the granulation particles are uniform, With stable performance and long service life, it can produce both organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. This process chooses a disc fertilizer manufacturing machine.​

  • Drying and cooling process: Although most of the granulated materials have been formed into granules, the moisture and strength of the granules are not up to the standard, so they must be dried.

The rotary dryer is a rotary cylinder with a lifting plate inside. Under the action of the plate, the material is fully lifted to exchange heat with the hot air generated by the hot blast furnace, and the temperature of the material is increased.

The moisture will rapidly diffuse outward due to the pressure difference between the temperature and the partial pressure of the steam, and the diffused moisture will be taken away by the wind, so as to achieve the effect of drying the material and improving the strength.​

  • The dried material is conveyed to the cooler through the belt. The rotary cooler is also a rotary cylinder with a lifting plate. Under the action of the plate, the granulated material is lifted up and sucked into the cylinder with cold air perform heat exchange and cool to near normal temperature to further increase particle strength and reduce moisture.​​
  • Sifting process: There are powdery materials in the cooled material, and the fine powder and large particles are all screened out by a screening machine. After the particles are crushed, they are returned to the mixer through the same return belt conveyor with the fine powder. In this way, a complete fertilizer manufacturing machine production cycle is formed, and the quasi-finished products enter the coating process.​​
  • Coating packaging process: Qualified finished products are packaged by manual weighing on scales or automatic packaging machines.​​

The use of large-scale organic fertilizer production line and technology can create great benefits from existing resources through fertilizer manufacturing machine.

Processing animal manure into organic fertilizer is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also doubles the value of original chicken manure, which can completely make up for your limited investment. The chicken manure fertilizer manufacturing machine project has a short construction period, low risk, and short payback period. Generally, the investment of fertilizer manufacturing machine is recovered within one year and the profit is generated that year!

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